Swiggity Swag

Got to talking with friends about the old Ed, Edd n’ Eddie joke (turned meme) last night and churned out this guy.


The Bath

The Bath, from my sketchbook installment Tiny Witches. 

Coming Soon!

It’s been a really long hiatus, but I am back. I’ve mostly been swamped with projects and moving. But I’ve been building up my collection of doodles and I think it’s time to start posting again. 

On top of that, I soon hope to open a Society6 store where I can sell some of my work. Once all that is up and running, I’ll post more about it. You haven’t heard the last of me!

The Adventure Begins!

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus, but I just started art school. My hands on classes are going to require some out of class work (which isn’t a surprise). The plan is to post some of my art projects here, which will be really nice. I’m feeling really exhausted. I was sick for so long that now it feels difficult to get back into the groove. Ahhhh :___: I’m also working on a small business of my own. I make soaps and things so getting that project launched is taking some time. But if it works out it means I have more money, which I need to further buying art supplies and stuff. My schedule is a bit strained, so I can’t really take a regular job until I know what I’m up against. I know it’s wishful thinking, but if the independent business makes enough I can just skate by on that for a while…. more on that when it actually develops.


The Word Association

Eyes wide

Wide Load

Load off

Off putting

Putting Out

Out Going.


Dry mouth

Mouth gaurd

Guard up

Up beat

Beat drop

Drop kick.


Bad knees

Knees bent

Bent over

Over this

This shit

Shit happens.


No more

More please

Please stop

Stop playing

Playing bad

Bad habits.


Love ends

Ends meet

Meet Dan

Dan stays

Stays home

Home free.


Palms sweat

Sweat fear

Fear kills

Kills Dan

Dan’s eyes

Eyes wide.

Flights of Fantasy

fant  1 finalfant 2 finalfant 3 finalfant 4 finalfant 5 finalFlights of Fancy~ Commission

Mediums: Pen, Marker, Watercolor

Note: Pictures are poor quality, even when tweaked. I only had a few moments to snap pics on my ipod before I gave it to the requester. Enjoy your painting!

~ Bifrostbite

Flashback Freedraw: The Craziest Senior Prank

To be clear, it wasn’t even my senior prank. No, this prank came a couple of years before, when I was just a freshman. I went to a very large high school in Brooklyn, and nearing the beginning of June of my freshman year, the teachers started getting a little…antsy.

“Don’t get caught up in senior stuff” my band teacher would say. “If you hear shouting on the stairs, go back and take another staircase. Don’t be late because you got sent to the Dean’s for being in the middle of a prank.”

I had already heard about previous senior pranks, which included smuggling in three chickens and labeling them “1,2,4” so the deans would keep looking for Chicken #3.

bok final

Fuck if I wanted to get involved with that.

Then the day came where my school  descended into madness.

For me, it started as I tried to go to the band room down the main staircase, and hear girls screaming and shouting on the flight below. I look over, and see the stair case is covered in water and live crickets, as seniors throw water balloons.

I flipped. I ran up the stairs and down an alternate one to get to my class.

Soon other kids were coming into the class room. They were all yelling and some were covered in wet spots. Apparently the seniors had mixed water balloon bags. some were water, others shaving cream or baby oil.

Haha, right? Ew. Bugs and oil and stuff.


Like fucking Professor Quirrell announcing a troll, some kid starts shouting “Mosh pit! Mosh pit on the first floor!” The seniors had crushed people passing from classes at a hallway intersection into a mosh pit and pelted them with balloons and crickets.

mosh final

Security gets called, kids are shouting and shoving. One security guard sees a senior who is pelting people with balloons and tries to run after him. BUT THEY OILED THE FLOORS SO NO ONE COULD RUN FAST.

slip final

Then people discovered there were even shittier things in those balloons, and no it wasn’t excrement it was GOLDFISH.



mouthfish final


Well– actually, there was an end. The whole think lasted maybe 15 minutes.  No one was hurt  badly throughout the process, surprisingly.  A few kids got bruises from slipping, and a few seniors got barred from graduation. It was so memorable that every year after the security got extra strict around “senior prank season” The year after, the senior prank was to put ketchup on the red stair bannisters, and that wasn’t crazy as much as it was gross.

ketchup final

~ Bifrostbite