Miss Poppy

Go find Miss Poppy

Down by the docks

Down by the river

Down by where the reeds bend.

Go find Miss Poppy

Down by the rocks

Down by the banks

Down by where the sediment blackens.

Go find Miss Poppy

Down by the mud

Down by the hole

Down by the retreating footsteps

Go find Miss Poppy

Down on her face

Down in the water

Down near your feet

Go find Miss Poppy

Down by the weapon

Down by the footsteps

Down by the rustling underbrush

Go find Miss Poppy

Down behind you

Down next to you


Leaf Pile

Seated on a throne of weathered rock the victors celebrate in triumph. As the world around them withers and dies, they grasp fistfuls of gold and amber; tossing it high into the air and basking in its luxurious descent. The air is sweet with the scent of the feast, and the populous gather in awe on the gem strewn path. The thunderous laughter of men and children carry over the hills and into the ears of spectators, who smile knowingly, reminiscing over their long ago victories. It is only when the wind changes that the gold turns to dirt, and the victors resign for another year. Some returning to reclaim their glory, others accepting that their spoils were the work of alchemists.

News, News, News.

As of recent, I do not work at the terrible retail job anymore. Pros: when the school year starts I can focus on my major and looking for internship. Cons: Money. I have some money saved up, but I have decided to branch out and try to make a little money doing what I love.

So here’s the deal. I plan to start making posters and comics available for prints. As well as custom doodles and blobbies. The idea is in development, but once I get things set up I will make the price chart.

The money I make will go to buying metro cards and food, because I need to eat and “attend” classes. Hooray :D

If you are interested, even if you don’t want to buy anything, spread the word once the official charts are up!

Victoria, Writing, and update news

I will be in a situation these next few days where I will have limited internet access. Whatever access I do have won’t be spectacular. Due to this I will probably have more time to write. If I am able to post my writing, it will be very frequent these few weeks.  If not, I will be following a new schedule in order not to rush the story process.

Victoria uploads will be on the 1st and 15th of every month*

*Might vary this week.

The artwork for Victoria will have to wait until I gain full access back. Although I might post grainy sketches as concept art.

Thank you :D