Victoria, Writing, and update news

I will be in a situation these next few days where I will have limited internet access. Whatever access I do have won’t be spectacular. Due to this I will probably have more time to write. If I am able to post my writing, it will be very frequent these few weeks.  If not, I will be following a new schedule in order not to rush the story process.

Victoria uploads will be on the 1st and 15th of every month*

*Might vary this week.

The artwork for Victoria will have to wait until I gain full access back. Although I might post grainy sketches as concept art.

Thank you :D


But can I get excited for a minute…?!

I cannot thank Ricky enough for this upgrade. Let me tell you my struggles.

I was working, previously, on Manga Studio Debut 4, which I’ve had since about 2010. I had no opacity settings, glitch-y text options, filter affects and selection tools that ruined a whole canvas, limited brush settings, and not to forget that every new canvas needed to be whitewashed first.

Now, I feel like I’ve gone to heaven. I have tools that allow me to actually layer color. Not just use 100% block color on color. Actual layering options. Actual brush and texture options. I am so excited! It means I can take my time on pieces and actually feel proud of the outcome.

More updates soon :D


Sit back, dearest, as I make what can only be described as my last thoughts and desires.

If you are reading this, I am dead to you. Dead as the night we met, and stiller than the morning  after it. Even in my ghastly state I can imagine you in your lively glory. Dirty blond locks overpowered by rain swept skin, most likely curled up in the big comfy chair in my office, reading this  this letter under the candelabra. I saddens me deeply knowing you’ve probably found this letter among many, many bills and expenses I neglected to pay. You’re burdened with my carelessness, and yet have probably ripped open this envelope faithfully…hungry for love and attention.


So this is it….

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Strange happenings in the town of Victoria, where men fall into graves, forests harbor killers, and doctors reap what they sow.


Reader Beware.

Victoria, circa 1860’s, is not the type of town you’d like to walk alone.

We’ve our fair share of murderers, spooks, opium lords, disenchanted miners, and savvy doctors. Nonetheless, it’s a charming city…if you know how to keep your wits about you. We recommend following these few steps from the locals upon your arrival.

Don’t walk through Charles Cemetery after dark.

Beware doctors of all sorts.

Do not look for The Smiling Man in the woods.

The Circus is not a tourist attraction.

Stay clear of Gold.

Keep your reflection consistent.

Never miss your train back home.

We, The Collective, hope you enjoy your stay in picturesque Victoria. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.


Hiatus is over

I took a few days off from drawing because I got a little too busy. Work, camping and other social stuff clogged the free time I had to put out some more art. But today, there will be more content :D Currently working on some art related to some short stories I will be sharing with you all.